5 way to Keep Kids Safe for cyber crime

5 way to Keep Kids Safe for

1.Create unique passwords:

The brains of most children in the world are smart, that's why they set up your password which you think in your device very quickly, then after that, when she/he is sitting alone, then she/he can use your password and then unlocked your accounts or devices.

That is why you need to keep any password in order to overcome all these possibilities, to lock your device and accounts, it will not have any effect on your child more like the cybersecurity system will be safe for your kids.

And I will now tell you all such a technique that, when you use some tips and tricks when creating a password in any device or accounts, you can select the password of any device and account in a very good way. For that, you can make your password difficult by using some of the special characters and sentences(eg. ram is going to market or Mohit is the best boy in this tone or she is a good girl etc.)

2. Monitor online activity:

There are so many children in the world
that are inspired by the Internet and want
to know more and more about new things and
many children who are misusing the
Internet, the most in the world More children
play a role in Cybercrime.

Now the thing to think about is that a small
child does not know the wrong and correct
decision in any field and he can not tell
the difference in the wrong and the right,
then his parents or family members
are responsible for this thing. It has to be done
so that it is safe to say that
I mean to keep their children safe and not harm

If you want to keep an eye on your children,
then there are many Android apps and iOS apps available in the markets so that you can monitor your children what they
are doing on any device or on social
networks and so on.
You can also see their browsing history so that you and
your children stay away from cybercrime throughout life.

3. Protect your computer:

Hello friends I am going to tell you in
this article that you can keep your computer
or any device or any account, as well as some
ways to tell you, your device and account will
be safe.

If you have Android or IOS users,
you have many software from the Play Store
by which you can lock every single software
of your device and put a high quality password
in it so that your account and the security of
your device This method is very much less
than this, many people are very much of
the very professional people who use it too.

If you use another device, you use a dynamic
password for Example:- Ram rooooom,
Sita Food is baking, Cow Milk gives this,
your account will remain very safe,
your child can never break up, because
of which your data and account and device
will be safe. Also,

if you want to keep your
device or account from online activities,
then you can use an antivirus software in
your device and the software should be with
a high quality company

so that your device is data and account Hack
Before and save your
data, which is your privacy, it will benefit your
and your family and your children will get very

4. Prevent cyberbullying:
If you want to stop cyber bullets in reality, then you will tell your friends and family to follow the falls SMS and do not share the wrong things so that the shower will say Savar Hotter will not be all this, the world's reason for the royal of the suede bowling is the city and Forward If you survived, then you are a big contribution to the cyber chrime, when you are sharing any bullied thing, take a look at the right thing and take more information about it so that people can be easily competed in the case of the Savr Crime and inspire your children and to avoid all these, due to all of your children and your family can be safe and safe to avoid all these.

5, Increase awareness:

If you want cybercrime to stop, then motivate your children that the wrong thing happening in the world is not through the Internet, so that in the next generation our children will be safe from cybercrime and you will have time, Keep in mind the browser's search results and YouTube and Facebook Extra Xtra which keep your children or children safe from time to time, even noticeing their history.

Children from time to time are very important because nowadays children are very naughty and clever. Nowadays in the modern era, children are many times more than elders in all these areas, so keeping track of you is very important if you If you do not have much information about it, then you should consult with a consultant or professional people and talk about it and find out more besides searching on the internet. By which you will be away from all these problems and your children will be protected from cyber crime