All about the hacker, What is hacker and who is hacker?

All about the hacker?

What is a hacker and who is the hacker?

The hacker starts to misinterpret the meaning of people who are not right, not a wrong person, but a hacker is a true and good person who, for your own good, enters this swamp, in which many Things are to be done to all the advances to advance people are called hackers. I mean to say that those who make up are much more advanced, especially if they are your security. I spend too much time in improving the system and gives much attention and he does not tell his identity to anyone. I mean to say that he did not tell his identity to anyone that he could make you safe and you would not have any problem That's why he works so hard, because of this reason hackers get advanced in a lot of knowledge and he very much takes care of all of us, all of you will not even know that How do the helpers help me in this article also tell me how hackers help all people
You may have seen many times that there are so many online websites that help us very much, have you ever wondered who would be taking care of that website and who would protect that website because that website would have a lot of traffic It is a clear fact that on how many bad people will be seen on it, you can think of how dirty people are so filthy, then you think yourself how to cry Letting go of waste from others by doing wrong things, at the same time, hackers come in hand, which is called ethical hackers who take advantage of other people for bad work, through hacking, black hackers are called and those who do good work If you are hacking for an ethical hacker then you may have understood who the hacker is, why the hacking is done, how to avoid hacking, some things are being saved which I can also tell how any hacker can save your website or your company is the answer. Whenever a wrong person means to say to me, Black Hut is looking at your property or website or software, then its IP address By the ethical hacker blocks it and if the wrong person succeeds in his work, then the atheist hacker cures the deeds done by him, that is what happens. If the hacker is more and more important, any new product website software in the market launches in the market, then if you keep looking at it, then allow it to be launched in the market because if there is any disturbance If he does, he will loser the entire company, he can easily do any of them, then you may have understood that what area does the hacker work in
Now I will talk about the new work of the people Jogi Cyber Crime Police Station, which gives you security to the people. There is a police station like the cyber crime police station, from which the criminals hand black frames end online Mani Peer controls things through the Sabar crime police station, which is known by this through social media when a tale If someone is planning for any wrongdoing, then he is caught by cyber crime police station so that no one can do wrong work. All this work ethical hackers do as if you can stay safe all day, this too Things are Ethical Hacker who is paying more than what is wrong if it is wrong or correct. You have also seen the comparison between these two. Now let's look at the different aspects of both of them.

How many types of hackers?

Hackers are mainly of three types: White Hat hacker is second, Brown is Packer, and third is Black Hat Hacker.

Now these three understand easil

First White Hut Hatker White Hut Hacker is a kind of certified Ethical Hacker White Hat Hakar is called Ethical Hacker. It is certified Ethical by Government and it has proof that anyone is doing wrong before hacking Or right he already makes the document so that he does not have any problem and that he is never without permission and he has got a license given by the government It also happens to be called White Hut. I mean to say Ethical hacker, you have yet to understand that the person who comes to work for good deeds is called an ethical. The same thing is hacking for good work in it, it is called Ethical Hacker Are

Now let's talk about the second number which is Brown Hut Hut

Brown's Tiger Brown Hut is a kind of hacker to do, but its heart is right to be wrong, but in comparison, it enters any property or hacks anyone's bank account or else Hack anyone's social media account, they can hack everything, but these people do not do the wrong work even once, do not misuse any hacking, If there is nothing stolen in the property then, for this reason, it has been said that the Ground is dead and so far you have understood why Brown Hut is the hacker