How to be more secure in digital world

How to be more secure?

In this article, we will learn how to improve your security system for any condition. I mean what website you want to use what application or Windows or Macintosh software application, which you use daily life or daily productivity so let's start this article I am covering all these types of issues

First of all, we are going to talk about how you can make your Android phone very secure and fast so let's get started in which station we will learn how to use it
First of all, before you can use any Android application, read the download ratings and customer reviews of that application so that you can find out whether this is a trusted application or there is such a fake application. Installing Android application on your device so you do not install any Android application from any website in your device Because he can have many security bags, which can also cause your Android application fault. You must avoid this thing whenever you install any Android application, you must download it from the official App Store from Android Do you mean to say that you must download it from the Google Play Store, in which you have a lot of security checking process The Android application is significantly more secure could you ever find nothing wrong with the Android application to talk to any Android application worse and may be faulty
If your Android application is asking for permissions from you without any work, then you should understand that there is no disturbance in it, especially when it speaks to all your camera and contact details, then you can understand that in the Android application There is some disturbance then you will not do separation at that time you will donate it to which you will be safe, whatever the way I am telling it is just the Android application Switch to does not work, but you have me taken care of all these things that you're using the device then the software application will be secure and your personal details and also you secure will be that you will not have any trouble in life
Now I'm going to talk about how you can escape from internet providers. Let me tell you that before the internet provider, any company keeps an eye on you. The company that you use the service is always with you Keeps tracked so if you want to avoid all those companies, then you have to keep a right-of-pad version VPN with you so that you are not always private, VPN has a complete form of Virtual Private Network through which you can hide your IP address and how to avoid anybody, and make your personal details and account details and much more secure enough. Because no company is tracking you
Now, I'm going to talk to you about what kind of things you should take care of while doing online transactions so that you will never ask for fraud in the future, then if you are using any website then keep in mind that before the URL of that website It should be https because this kind of website is secured, which gives SSL certificate, no website can work incorrectly with any user. That's why you should keep in mind that when you use any website for your personal work, HTTP should not be an HTTPS before its URL because the HTTPS has full form, the hypertext transfer protocol is full form of secure and HTTPS Hypertext Transfer Protocol Why this does not happen because this type of website is not SSL Certification It was not that which can cause dangerous website of this type
Now I'm going to talk about you about the Etien Plus video website because often people like to watch this type of video, and especially, there are many kinds of wrong things from these websites, even if the website is also wrong at all. And the work that is going on is also very wrong but what to do is the choice of the people. Now let's talk about how this choice should be secured when you do this kind of website If you are doing then keep in mind that all applications should be stopped first, remembering in your phone, do not minimize it and then turn on one of your secure payed VPN and do not stop it unless you remember You do not stop serving this type of website. When you turn on your PM, after that you download an extra browser for yourself, from which browser you have done this kind of work I do that if you want to install a browser for yourself that is too small and not too heavy and easily open all the websites of the website, then there is a browser which will help you fulfill your work and This is FireFox Light. This browser is quite helpful. Now let's go to the same subject from which we were talking about how to see this video of the way when you turn on VPN, Open the Extra Browser and after that you have to say this browser's Incognito, open this private mode and after that you see any video which will be that you will remain quite secure now let's talk that you What are some things to avoid on the website? First of all, do not click on any advertising because it can be a virus and can also do your personal data. Have multiple tags are not open to that kind of website do you whenever you're doing all the work side this way and only use one website at a time that you will be quite secure