How to detect fraud website | step-by-step guide

How to detect fraud website?

hello guys, you must have heard many times and have seen that the details of someone's bank account were linked through a website and you would have also heard that a fake website has deceived a person, Frots will be seen in this article I have told about all these types of fraud, then you must read this article
If you ever get stuck in online fraud or you do not want to get trapped in the frog, then you must read this article. I am going to talk about this article, how many types of websites are fudged, it was a website Through which the wrong thing is done to you, that is why people are framed in the affair of fraud carefully read this article
How to detect fraud websites and how to avoid this, so that our information does not go wrong with someone's hands, so that we get a big problem, in this article I have told all those frauds which are done by the website. In the article, I have told a lot of such new features and new methods of fudging, which are now being falsely falsely

Now talk about how many kinds of online websites are fudged

E-Commerce fraud?

 The first of which is to create a fake e-commerce store through the website and when a person comes to buy and after that, the person purchases certain goods by paying and after that any goods through that website There is a lot of harm to that person, such fake companies are very much in this market. I mean to say that the internet world Switch to such fraud companies are deceived mankind by which lots

fraud survey?

Now, I'm going to talk about how you conduct child surveys from road surveys and how to conduct fraud surveys. First of all, if I tell you somewhere, you need to have a survey option through push notifications on any of your browsers. So please do not join with him because he will take your personal opinion and your details from you so that you can get in danger so that anytime online any services Do not take part in the survey. If you have to take part in the survey, then you will take care of some things which I will tell in this article. Now let us talk about how you can get your email ID by phone number, Facebook ID and also through many personal details. Whenever you create an account on any website, what is wrong or right

Fraud account sign up?

You have seen many times that there are options to create an account on many websites. Many times without the creation of the account, we can not use that website and when we create that account, we can use that website. Many times this happens that the website of this method is fraud that takes your personal details from you and then sells it to a third party and that too By the way, he can also hack your personal details and simultaneously also use your email ID because you have given him everything when you created the account if you want to know How to avoid all these types of fights, I have further told you how you can easily escape from all these ways, if you read it in advance to know it

Fraud lucky draw?

You have seen many times that there are many like lucky draws on which you will scroll one time and you win one thing from it but that thing is not what you understand, but it is a fraud because as soon as you get the request Does that play this game It's a lucky draw and you give the game and after that she tells you that you give your personal information through which we can deliver this product to your house. Area when you have him then give your personal information and your personal details take advantage of everything that which goes up to him now I'm going to talk about how you can avoid fraud of all kinds

How to detect fraud websites step by step guide?

Now I will talk about how to avoid all the fights that are framed by all the websites, then read the entire article.

First of all, if you want to keep yourself safe, then note that if you are buying any online goods, if you already know about the company then it is correct then neither believe in the company and if If you like that product, how will you buy from that website? Take care of one thing before purchasing that URL is the URL before the W.WW at the URL. Or is https because the website is good because if it is https, HTTP means that hypertext transfer protocol is Secure. That is why this website is secure and you can buy any of the goods through it because you can use the SSL certificate to create a HTTPS website. Is needed as you are looking at this my website before the first WW of the above URL This is the reason why I have got the SSA certificate because of my website for this reason my website has gone into the Secure List because there is no fraud on this website. I have done any such wrong thing on this website. I have not received this SSL certificate from my website, so keep an eye out for further information whenever you are using a website URL Ebsait the course Czech

Now I am going to talk that whenever you are making an account for any website online, what are the things to take care of. First of all, if that website is secure then only you can go ahead, the next step is that whenever you have an account like this If you are creating, then keep in mind that the website has a Google sign up or a Facebook sign up option because Facebook and Google are secure and some more platforms are right besides this. But there are many platforms that are wrong also that lets you forward your information to someone else and you are in danger because your important data goes to them, so keep in mind that before linking any form, its link Make sure you have HTTPS or else if you keep these things in mind then you will never waste your personal details.