How to develop secure website step-by-step guide

How to develop secure website?

If you need a secure website

In order to create a secure website, you must first register a domain name for yourself and take a plan when you buy a domain name after which you will need to get hosting. Hosting is a kind of server on which you can access your website You can host, after that you have to add your domain name to the hosting, after which you get a Cpanel that you want to do Ebsait can design the same Seepanl you create a website what happens variety of automated software also will by which you can make a very easy way for your website us know in detail

When you add domain names and hosting, then if you have a coding knowledge, then you can design the website with coding and also do D and if you do not know how to coding, then no matter You can also join the free online course. This will be done so that you can learn a lot of coding knowledge in free. HTML and CSS are used to create a website. The level is and if you want to advance or dynamic website address child will you have to learn PHP programming language and a lot of programming languages help that much in developing a website
Now let's talk if you do not have to learn coding knowledge and you do not have an interest then there is another solution. You can design any website in a very easy way, it will also be a dynamic and advanced website which you can easily do without coding You can create this website for knowledge

When you associate the domain name with hosting, then the hosting provider company will give you a Cpanel. There are so many features and tools in the same panel, with the help of which you can create a website without coding and if you are coding then coding You can also create a website through it, you will also find a lot of tools and features that help you easily create any website.


So now let's talk about how you can create any website without coding, it is the most popular one platform in the world, whose name is Wordpress WordPress, on the internet as much as the website on the Web, more than half of WordPress It is created by what is the biggest platform in this world, through which you can make any type of website without coding If WordPress is created by PHP, then your website will be automatically created via PHP, PHP is one of the world's largest web technologies, it's used by large companies to create large websites, including Facebook Google Plus There are also big companies that use WordPress


WordPress is a platform through which you can design any website without coding and can also design beautifully. By using WordPress, you can create a great website for yourself. You can also find many themes on WordPress. It is also free that you do not even have to design, you can use it without coding and if you have some advancements on your website If you want to put a glance, then you get a lot of free plugins for WordPress, which will make your website much advance. WordPress also has a plugin feature that allows you to make your website advance and dynamic too easily. Ho

Now let's talk about plugins about what plugins are and how to use it is a great feature of the plugin which can promote any of your products as if you were to create a real estate website for anyone you want. To install Fully Automated Map System by which you can find the area of your property and tell your clients what area you are in He can manage very easily using the plugin WordPress just have to click on a feature that plugin and search to real estate used with then you will find lots Ughful Free Plugins you can


Now let's talk about WordPress theme if you want, theme-driven features box of WordPress will get you free theme but it is not correct. If you want, then you can create your own website using the same team, and if you have a custom Creating a theme is without coding, you can use Theme Builder, you can design your website in a very easy way, or you can add many markups Congress is them you can purchase premium themes and use them to make your website the website will be very beautiful very good

Through security plugins, you can make your website quite secure, there will be no attack on your website. Automatic that IP address will be blocked. You must use the security plugin to do this on your WordPress website.


Now let's talk about how you can put a lot of security system on your website, for that you have to install a security plugin, you get a free plugin on your website. On WordPress, you can make your website quite secure by using that plugin Or you can also use the premium plugin, but its price is very high, you can use it Create Fei Secure website