how to use google pay(google tez) / step-by-step guide

how to use google pay(google tez) / step-by-step guide

How to use Google Pay Step by Step Guide

Google has an online wallet or digital wallet or e-wallet online payment system, Google is quite secure and it can be used very easily, Google has made it and the most used in India is this world Is the most secure and reliable digital wallet of all of you know that Google is the most trusted company in the world, Receive the value Google Microsoft Facebook all popular company in the world

Secure on Google is because the real-time detection occurs and there is no reason for any disturbance as the money transfers transfer from one person to another person secure and send in the encrypted form so that nobody has any problem And your money easily goes from one place to another

I have been given a lot of offers on google like if you deposit a bill of electricity, you have a lot of profits because Google offers you coupons if you scratch it, so much money comes out of it if You submit money transfer electricity bill phone bill, insurance card etc, etc. You will get a lot of Cashback by Google Pay

You must first create an account. This is a simple process so that you can easily create an account in this app. First of all, before you can make your account, the phone number that is registered in your bank must be linked to your phone if you already If the phone number is linked to the bank, then you do not have to do anything. You simply install this app by installing an account and making an account easily through the phone number. There is a lot of security process in it, such as using a PIN or pattern, a link to your email account will send the message through authentication through which the application will be validated, after which you should link your bank by whatever you open a bank account. There will be an option in it from any bank, you will find your bank's icon in the search box by clicking on it and clicking on it. And let then automatically your bank will be linked to your Google account

After that, you will get cashback of ₹ 51 if you download it from this link

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By downloading ₹ 51 will transfer your account to Google is a very easy process by which you can earn millions as it is also a great thing for Business Purpose, if you want to build an API in your website then do it Google can offer a lot of features. You can earn a lot of money by doing recharge online. It can be a very easy process and it can be multi It is secure because I will tell you about any platform, even when he'd only share with you the knowledge after a quite secure because of I quite Research

history of Google pay

Google creates a very large team before launching its product and it is time scientists and engineers who come from a very large country and they are top-most in the university. Includes Google is a very big company and it is known for its product, it does a lot of research before launching its product in the market. Well Google could launch this very long ago, but they did not do it because it does not take security more lightly, so that every single Google product is very secure, or how Google will say Google I could launch this digital wallet long enough, I mean to say that this app can launch this app either in Mobikwike or even on the phone pay

 But he did not do this because he understood this whole process and then took a decision. I mean to say that making a good secure application means that Google did the first research and saw what people liked after using Petty and many online payment systems Through this, when he saw these all these apps in it, this is a flaw, after which all the flaws are full of the energies of a digital wallet. The name of Google Pay and its offer and many facilities do not provide any application or company like any cashback comes in it, it does not put itself in the wallet but instead of transferring it to your bank account. That's why you can do anything with that money, due to this, Google's digital payment system is very popular all over the world and the world's most useful digital payments This system is so popular that Google's platform is popular all over the world. If you need this app, I mean to say that if you want to use a digital wallet, then you can use this Google product for this digital wallet You can use it very secure and it is made from a very trusted team of Google, which is why this product of Google is a world famous.

I think this app's user experience and user interface are very useful because Google has a lot of user experience and user interface AB testing in it, so Google's built digital wallet is very popular in the world and if you want to If you want to use this kind of easy digital wallet and school digital wallet, then you can use this app, it is quite secure why That's why Google has made it the most secure application in the whole world, and I, as a security expert, give this app 4 points 9 because of this because it has a lot of input app in terms of security and Its user experience and user interface are great, according to my Experience, it is very secure in Google's built digital payment system. Just use this digital payment system Thank you.