How to use PhonePe step-by-step guide

How to use PhonePe step-by-step guide

PhonePe is a digital wallet (e-wallet) and online payment system

The phone has a very secure online payment system. This platform has been developed by Flipkart. All of you know, Flipkart is India's largest e-commerce platform. It is now sold, Wal-Mart has bought this company, it's a huge amount of $ 16 billion. All of Wal-Mart's people will know that Walmart is the largest company in the world's largest e-commerce industry, as much as Amazon does not have it. All of Wal-Mart's e-commerce platforms in the world It is a big Walmart e-commerce platform, it has grown from Ali Baba Ali Express and eBay Amazon all others. It is its own clerical market, it is the world's top-level market in the world. Walmart is the world's most earning company.

To grow his business in Walmart india, he bought Flipkart, India's largest company and left behind Amazon 16 billion dollars
I bought this company flipkart and became the largest company in India, Flipkart is considered as India's largest e-commerce service provider, because Flipkart offers a very good facility, from customer support to delivery returns and many other types of policies. Keeps attention and that too very well, Flipkart is considered India's largest e-commerce service provider is

Let's talk now Flipkart invented a great online payment system for myself and everyone, I mean, invented digital wallet, which is the name of the world's top-level digital payment system, which is very popular in India. Because its service is in every area. I mean to say that if you want to deposit electricity bill, you can easily deposit it and you can You will also get a lot of cashback with which you can recharge your phone or you can do many other things. It saves a lot of time and saves money and time.

You can use this digital wallet in many ways. I mean to say that you can use it to transfer money and easily through this platform you can send it to anyone through somebody's bank or from someone else's mobile to mobile You can send money on mobile. It is different from this that the international payment system has not been built in the present. In the future, this international will do a lot because it Hut has become a part of a big company, as I have told you in the above lines that Walmart has bought Flipkart Company for 16 billion dollars and Walmart spends several times more than Flipkart on its research because all this industry Walmart wants to become number one. That's why Wal-Mart is spending so much on Flipkart. It is quite secure, you all know l-mart has sold and sells its product throughout the world, which is why it has a very big security because it wants to run its service very strictly in the whole world, for this reason, the country has invented such a huge security system and Provided security to all of their products so that all their products are quite secure

Now, this app has developed a new investment system through which you can buy gold, at a very low cost and at the slightest cost, the money collected can make you a lot of gold. It is absolutely the same as the Goldman Goldy feature Flipkart has made it through a much better research so that all the people can collect gold and gold for themselves and then sour Then you make a song from those gold, all this will be done online and you will be able to deliver from the house you have made to the jewelery Flipkart company phone

There is a lot of profit in this because there is a lot of cashback system now made in the scratch form so that you can earn from thousands to millions of rupees. It will be very much beneficial for you.

Through this digital wallet you can easily get your prepaid recharge postpaid recharge and many different kinds of bill payments, such as water bill electricity bill and online shopping, if you order any item online from Flipkart, Call by phone on the phone because the phone is the company of Flipkart and Flipkart Walmart has been made

If you install this application right now from the link given below, 

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you can also get a handsfree cashback in your hand free of charge. You also need to install this app in the free link below and install this app easily. Take the liberty whether you make any digital payments

I give this application 5 rating by security because there is no shortage of security in this application, due to which I tell this a very safe application. I have been using this application for a long time and till date I have been using this application There is no such wrong future, so that I get angry, this application has received great response from me and my work Programmed so I do all my work online as digital payments so I liked it yourself if you go through this application this application to take advantage of the low installed to link up the application and some cashback