What is SEO? step-by-step full guide.

What is SEO?

SEO is a kind of way to tell Google that the article or this thing is very good and Google will rent that article or the first thing on the page so that your website gets a lot of traffic. Engine optimization is called

By this, many people provide their article website blog E-Commerce business social media marketing SEO expert services.

What is the search engine and what is Google?

What is Google? Google is a kind of search engine that helps us to find anything through keywords. Google is the number one company in the world which understands search engine optimization and lists web sites and The largest company that does the search engine work and there are many companies that do the search engine work, the second comes from the wing and the third number Yahoo! is the only company after this, it is the 3rd largest company in the world, which works as a search engine.

Work of search engine

If you want Google to explain to you that I have this website and this product is very good in the whole market then you must first read about search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization is not a study. Practical for a few days to learn Knowledge must be gathered and he can launch his own product in the market, and if not, then I will tell you about some such platforms. Optimization how search engines have a warp where you can learn very easily and make it number one on your product

Tips and tricks in SEO

 Knowledge of tips and tricks is very important because the search engine optimization is a kind of technique whereby now Google Yahoo Wing is cheating on all these search engines so that it can make your product number one. Now let's talk. What is the use of this in which we can become number one, then let us start

Important points of SEO

I will tell you just how to use only article writing in this article and how to use search engine optimization in the article itself, as well as if you are making a video and launching it on YouTube or else On a platform, how do you make use of search engine optimization to make those videos and products and how to create your own number one and search Njan your article or bring on to the number one on your product

Article writing

First of all, you have written an article for your blog website, you are thinking about why it is not going to run an article. So now if you have written this article then now it is time for the search engine optimization first in your article At least Five Hands Words or if you are above 1 year then it is as good as if you are writing a word of Five Words, your article will be very soon We will chance of being ranked now is how to be Implement the search engine optimization in this article

how to write the article for a blog website?

First of all, when you are uploading this article on your website, then keep the main point in the heading category in the sub heading category so that Google is looking at you, yes, you have covered a lot of points on a topic and The second way is to give head to the heading that you have selected from the topic. Make this topic simple. It is simply talking when you run an article for a long time. Want to talk on Google's first page now, how to celebrate this article immediately and rank on the first page of Google

what is keyword research?

For this, your word counts for you. Select the topic you have selected. Search the topic by going to Google Trends and look at it, whatever the Google Trends index will be, then you should not copy the article and paste it in your article. Think of the heading of that article by adding a little new word of mind to the heading of your article and carefully reading the article of that website. And whatever word has been used in it, write more than five-word words in your article. In this way, you can easily access the top 3 websites from any of the web-pages and read whatever effort you have on Google Trends. Make your article written more than his article, and also beautiful and useful is also a guarantee that your article will rank first on Google's first page, too much The issues

what is backlink?

Now let's talk about the backlink of your website that we do so to get traffic from elsewhere on our website so that the traffic of many people on our website increases so Google will feel that this website is good and that's why people Coming to this website and thinking that Google colors it on the first page, for this you are telling me about some useful platforms The first platform is not a loner second platform Wikipedia and also a lot of platforms such as Facebook and other social media networks through which you can get backlinks to your website